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The Knowledge Society team are experts in helping schools improve. Meet our practitioners, clinicians and program managers.

Elena Douglas

Chief Executive Officer

Elena advises system leaders and senior policymakers on education systems change. She is the Founder and CEO of Knowledge Society. She is a leading expert in the domain of school improvement in Australia.

Liselle Nelmes

Head of Operations, People and Culture

Liselle leads the management of Knowledge Society’s human resources systems and processes. She is experienced in leadership and management within the education sector.

Nick Worrall

Senior Program Manager

Nick specialises in the delivery of Real Impact, Knowledge Society’s school improvement program, working at all levels of a system to drive change. He helps clients ensure that maximum impact is achieved from the implementation of the program.

Anne Goodall

Design and Development Lead

As Design and Development Lead, Anne builds creative and workable solutions to diverse problems to inform the design, development, and delivery of education programs. She is a highly accomplished service designer, evaluator, and stakeholder engagement specialist.

Monika Marzec

Program Manager

Monika is an experienced program manager. She oversees the delivery of education programs to ensure a high standard of delivery and optimal outcomes. Monika is skilled in working in complex service-oriented environments with multiple stakeholders and building resilient, collaborative partnerships.

Sara Wiggins

Trainer and Coach

Sara is a Coach and Trainer of Classroom Mastery. She equips Leaders and Teachers with instructional strategies and teacher skills for classroom management and whole school improvement.

Tanya de Nicola

Marketing and Communications

Tanya leads the implementation of marketing and communications for our organisation and for individual products and programs. Tanya has extensive experience in creating impactful visual communications, brand strategy and designing engaging content.

Dr Tim Mac Donald


Tim McDonald is currently the Chief Executive Officer of the YMCA Western Australia and is Tim is a leading authority on student learning and engagement.

Emma Cahill


Emma is a valued associate on philanthropy and community partnerships. She has vast experience working with multidisciplinary teams across the health, arts and not-for-profit sectors.

Simmone Pogorzelski


Simmone is an experienced teacher, educator and researcher with a deep expertise in the childhood development of literacy and language skills.

John Buck


John consults on the production of high-quality professional learning products that support the education practice and development team in their collaboration with clients. He brings to Knowledge Society an award-winning career of 30 years in content creation and broadcasting.

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