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Are you a leader who has introduced the science of learning or science of reading into your school or system? We are looking for change makers who are already on a journey to transform learning in their classrooms, schools and systems.
The Science of Learning Leadership Accelerator brings together leaders who are changing practice in classrooms and schools, consistent with the science of learning, science of reading and knowledge-rich curriculum movements. We are a social movement advocating equity and excellence through Science of Learning informed education across Australia.
Our high-calibre events provide expert-led professional education in classroom practice, leadership and change management.

SOLLA 2022

Knowledge Society in partnership with the Crowther Centre at Brighton Grammar School, hosted the inaugural Science of Learning Leadership Accelerator (SOLLA) in May 2022. The presenter line up included master practitioners, researchers, teacher educators and system leaders, and participant attendance from schools and education institutes across the country. SOLLA is a milestone on the journey toward renewing Australia’s education system. To stay informed about future events, sign up here.

Past presenters and collaborators

Dr Ben Jensen

Topics: Knowledge-rich curriculum, education policy, school reform

Ollie Lovell

Topics: Instructional coaching, evidence and implementation, classroom management

Ross Fox

Topics: School system improvement

Pamela Snow

Topics: Evidence-based literacy instruction, explicit instruction

Dr John Sweller

Topics: Cognitive load theory, science of learning

Tom Rees

CEO, Ormiston Academies Trust

Topics: School leadership, evidence-based teacher practice

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Science of Learning Leadership Accelerator

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