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Program design services

Knowledge Society are experts in school improvement at the system level. We help K–12 school systems lift student performance at scale. Our clients include clusters of schools, independent school systems and government education departments. We design custom programs for school systems who are experiencing different challenges to address their specific needs.

We start by helping you know where to focus.

Education improvement is complex, and each education system requires a strategic approach for its unique context. We help our clients develop  System Improvement Strategies and Frameworks, and help you diagnose which schools to focus on in which focus areas. Typically, our programs tend to include one or more of the following focus areas. 

Systemic classroom management programs for systems experiencing broad challenges with student behaviour and classroom disruption

Evidence-based reading and numeracy programs for schools struggling with poor literacy and numeracy outcomes and students that aren’t achieving expected benchmarks

Classroom practice programs focused on explicit instruction and evidence-based pedagogy, including professional learning and instructional coaching, for schools seeking to improve teachers’ skills in the classroom

Registration and accreditation designed to have maximum impact on school improvement by scaffolding school leaders with an evidence-based improvement journey as a result of the process. 

Curriculum and assessment programs for systems seeking to improve programming, scoping, content selection, and interpretation and implementation of the curriculum in schools. 

For schools pursuing any of these improvements, change management and support for schools to change school culture, practice and processes.

What we help with

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