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Improving the lives of one million students by transforming teaching and learning in Australian schools.

Knowledge Society is a social purpose organisation that works with education systems to design and deliver school improvement programs. 

We believe school improvement, informed by the best evidence, and delivered in all classrooms is the most powerful lever to improve education.

Our client achieved significant improvements in NAPLAN reading between 2019 and 2022, with the proportion of Year 3 students underperforming lifting from 42 per cent in 2019 to only 4 per cent in 2022. Year 3 and 5 students also outperformed the national average in reading and numeracy.

Improved literacy outcomes in New South Wales and Canberra Catholic schools

A number of schools in Western Australia have completed the Fogarty EDvance program and, of these, 60% have achieved a significant improvement in student academic outcomes as reflected in NAPLAN scores. EDvance has been delivered by Knowledge Society since 2022.

EDvance’s ten years of improvement in more than one hundred schools 

Our Classroom Mastery program is creating calmer, more productive classrooms across Australia. For example, teachers at Rosebud Secondary College reported being up to four weeks ahead in their teaching programs after implementing it. 

Improved behaviour in primary and high schools across Australia

Sample of impact

Our programs

Real Impact is Knowledge Society’s comprehensive school improvement program, which combines all elements of our world-leading learning model that helps education systems improve student outcomes across the board.

Classroom Mastery is Knowledge Society’s approach for helping schools and education systems reduce classroom disruption and create productive and safe learning environments.

Little Moments is an education program for children attending early learning, childcare and kindergarten that promotes pre-literacy skills to improve school readiness with intentional and planned teaching. 


Knowledge Society work in the news

School behaviour change program for disruptive classrooms featured on ABC’s 7.30: “The Aussie school with calm, focused classrooms”. In 2022 Rosebud Secondary College transformed classroom behaviour with Knowledge Society’s Classroom Mastery program.

Sydney Morning Herald: “‘We changed everything’: How 56 schools transformed their teaching and boosted results.” Story of school improvement at St Bernard’s in Batemans Bay, NSW with Knowledge Society’s school improvement model.

The Age: “The big change coming to the way Catholic school kids are taught”. Story of system-wide shift to explicit instruction at Melbourne Archdiocese Catholic Schools with Knowledge Society’s school improvement model.

EducationHQ: “Melbourne Catholic schools announce huge shift to the science of learning.” Story of Melbourne Archdiocese Catholic Schools new “coherent, knowledge-rich” school improvement model.

Centre for Independent Studies: “Implementing the Science of Learning: teacher experiences.” Report covering the experiences of teachers implementing the science of learning, created in partnership with Knowledge Society.

Knowledge Society × Fogarty EDvance

Knowledge Society is the delivery partner for Fogarty EDvance. Fogarty EDvance is a school improvement program designed to support principals and school leaders to transform learning outcomes by fostering a culture of continuous improvement and excellence in education.

Science of Learning Leadership Accelerator (SOLLA)

Knowledge Society convenes the Science of Learning Leadership Accelerator (SOLLA), a national movement of educators from around Australia who are accelerating the transition to evidence-based practice in our schools. The Accelerator events bring together leaders who are changing practice in classrooms and schools consistent with the science of learning, science of reading and knowledge-rich curriculum movements. It is also a social movement advocating equity and excellence through education informed by the science of learning across Australia.

Our clients

Creating calm and ordered classrooms across the whole school to guarantee that learning happens and reduce disruption through good relationships and explicit expectations, rules and routines.

Classroom management

Instruction based on the science of learning where knowledge is explicitly taught to embed knowledge in long-term memory, using routines and rules that support full attention throughout lessons.

High-impact pedagogy

Teaching reading explicitly, systematically and sequentially with five essential elements (phonological awareness, phonics, fluency, vocabulary and comprehension) as a complex learned skill that requires practice and specific instruction.

Science of reading

Curriculum designed to build knowledge coherently with scopes and sequences which are ambitious, coherent, sequential, specific and cumulative over the years, building students’ automaticity of access to a large knowledge base.

Knowledge-rich curriculum

Embedding a culture of coaching, including the continuous improvement of techniques, performance monitoring and reviewing school activities for benefits, and sharing expectations with students and parents.

Culture of continuous improvement

Implementing a school leadership model, including communicating the change, setting strategy and goals, and monitoring protocols to ensure a relentless focus on learning that comes from the top and is embedded throughout the school.

Leadership and change management

School improvement model

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